About us

Jane Hendy

I have spent most of my career in Media Sales across print and digital, successfully smashing all my targets. After 20 years in this field, I decided to apply my business development skills to help creative agencies grow. I truly relish the challenge to find new opportunities from cold! I am very dedicated and always find a ‘golden nugget’ of new business from somewhere!

My clients rarely have time to find new opportunities and most of them find it a difficult time consuming chore. This is where I can help to take their pain away!
How is this done?

I begin by fully understanding my client’s business, products and services that can be offered to potential new customers.

With this understanding, I will then work as an integral part of your team to find new business. All emails will be sent and responded to via your company. Once I generate an opportunity I will start to introduce my clients’ wider team i.e. Client Services Director or the CEO (whoever will be attending the meeting) . I endeavour to find out everything I can about their budget, project size, scope for more projects, leading to retained work and long-term partnerships. My role will be to ensure there is an in depth understanding of each other’s businesses and new business opportunities prior to any first meeting.

As a result both my client and prospective customer will feel as if they already know each other before any first meeting.

This approach will avoid my clients wasting their valuable time attending speculative meetings that do not result in gaining new business from potential new customers.

I pride myself on being a natural communicator, both on the phone and face to face. Using my witty and endearing sense of humour “People buy people” as is so often said, which I firmly believe is true.

I also use a great balance of emotional and rational Sales techniques to generate new business. Being naturally inquisitive often helps too!

My skills enable me to build a pipeline of new and ongoing business opportunities for my clients. This can iron out the peaks and troughs so often experienced in their sales cycles.

About the Equestrian side of my business

I have owned horses since my childhood and love the country life. I am now a competitive carriage driver and won the European Scurry Trials Championship in 2016. I went on to win the National Evolution Young Pony Championships in the same year!

I apply my passion for new business development with the love of horses to help Equestrian companies grow. I have a vast network of contacts in the horsey media, which allows me to get great exposure for my clients by writing about them in several publications. I also look after my clients’ advertising budgets to get the best value for money across all media platforms.