My first blog…

My first blog…

Writing about my clients and raising their profile is the easy bit! When it comes to showcasing my own work, it becomes so much harder!

However, I’m thrilled to say that since setting up Mad Mare Media and following my passion and dreams, life has turned an amazing corner and I get to meet and work with the most incredible people.

Balancing a busy working life with an equestrian career takes a lot of juggling – but finally, now my ducks are in a row, it’s becoming a lot easier.

The support I’ve had from my clients has been incredible, not only are we a partnership but we connect and understand each other. I love that fact that I always feel that I am part of the bigger team not just the freelance girl!

Some great things are happening behind the scenes too – more agency clients are coming on board which I am very excited about. My passion for pure new business generation and working with creative agencies grows bigger and stronger. The results I generate are measurable and make a huge difference to my client’s growth. Something I am deeply proud of.

Then there’s the equestrian side to Mad Mare Media. Knowing I’ve changed people’s lives by building up their profile and careers as well as helping new products go to market, means the world to me. It’s proof that good, honest, PR and Marketing does work.

The thing I am most proud this month was the amount of publicity I was able to gain for Samantha Kellett – a talented show jumper based in Gloucestershire. Sam is very publicity shy and will put the odd snippet on Facebook, but when she won the Welsh Masters Championship title for the second time in two years with her only horse, Deacon, there was a huge story waiting to be told. So together we formed a plan and have received the biggest amount of coverage, locally, nationally and Internationally – we are a great team – long may it continue!

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